SSHC announces partnership with CARPL.AI


CoLumbo, an advanced AI solution to the study of Lumbar Spine MRI, is now available via the CARPL platform.


CoLumbo announced today that the Lumbar Spine MRI AI solution has been onboarded onto the CARPL platform. is the end-to-end development, deployment, and validation platform for healthcare AI across multiple body parts and modalities effectively connecting healthcare providers with cutting-edge AI solutions like CoLumbo. Further, healthcare providers are offered a one-stop platform for the exploration, discovery, and validation of medical imaging solutions, leading to the confident integration of these solutions.

The CE mark and FDA Quality System regulated solution reads, segments, measures and classifies MRI images to provide suspected pathology descriptions, findings and measurements with pre-populated structured or free text reports. It is cleared for clinical use in Europe and the USA. 

By onboarding CoLumbo onto its platform, CARPL eases the access, assessment, and adoption of AI solutions on one platform, enabling radiologists to reduce the reading and reporting time, increase accuracy and standardize reading. 


Quote by CARPL.AI

“CoLumbo is currently the only FDA-approved deep learning-based Spine MR assistance tool. At our deployment sites, We have seen tremendous value in this application in improving the accuracy and reading times of MR spine, and better quantification of observations in a standardised format,” says Dr. Vasanth Venugopal, Chief Medical Officer and Clinical Product Lead at, “With our collaboration, we look forward to expand their reach and help hospitals experience the full transformative potential of this ground-breaking application.”


Quote by CoLumbo

“We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with CARPL, which is also a preferred vendor of our CoLumbo spine MRI solution. We believe that CARPL’s end-to-end technology platform and our automation AI solution will bring significant value to radiologists and patients alike.” Says Nikolay Todorov, Chief Commercial Officer at CoLumbo.


About CoLumbo

CoLumbo is an AI assistant type of software for reading and analysis of lumbar spine MR scans. It identifies and measures all major tissues and structures of the lumbar spine, through automatic segmentation, and provides a detailed description of findings in an editable draft report. The software is based on a deep learning algorithm and helps radiologists reduce the patient examination time by 25% while also increasing the accuracy of measurements by up to 15%. CoLumbo has obtained a CE mark certification and an FDA 510(K) clearance, making CoLumbo first fully approved AI solution for L-spine MR images for clinical use in both the USA and Europe.



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