Annotation of MR images

CoLumbo automatically annotates (shows the patient’s name, age, level labels, segmentations and measurements) images of all supported studies. The user can turn off or change the visualizations of these annotations by clicking (8).

In case the two open series correspond (e.g. sagittal and axial), the software also draws a cross-reference line that shows exactly where one slice is relative to the other. Depending on which panel is active, the cross-reference line is displayed in the inactive/unselected one.

By default, the cross-reference line is always displayed. The user can hide it from the button (8), as well as choose whether to use a normal cross-reference line or correct cross-reference line:

The corrected cross-reference line is an improvement on the normal cross-reference line, which is useful in studies in which the patient has moved and the images have shifted. This allows a better correlation between the different series which the user wants to view, in cases when the normal reference line is not accurate enough.