Are there any constraints in product deployment?

The software has minimum requirements, that must be met, for it to run. Depending on the deployment methods, there are differences, but there are general requisites for both: the machine should have at least 8GB of RAM, 600 MB free space for the installer and 4 GB for the installed software, 2.10 GHz CPU with at least 2 cores, Windows 10 or Windows 7 as an operating system.
Depending on the deployment, these additional requirements have to be met:

  • Client-Server: Windows Server 2016 operating system, installed on the server side, an NVidia GPU with 2 GB memory and CUDA installed (exactly version 11.0), internet connection with minimum speed of 4 MBs;
  • Standalone: a local NVidia GPU with 2GB memory and CUDА installed (exactly version 11.0);
  • Version with study samples: 5 GB of additional free space.