DICOM Export is CoLumbo’s functionality for exporting studies or specific series of them with added segmentations and measurements, and draft report in .pdf format. By configuring it, the user can select what the result of the export should be, e.g. what tissues and pathologies to include, how segmentations should look like, etc.

(1) Type DICOM Export. Type II will be active in future versions of CoLumbo

(2) Select whether to include borderline measurements in the exported study (these are measurements that are close to the setting borderline but do not exceed it, e.g., 9% listhesis, 105 mm2 dural bag, etc.)

(3) Select whether the exported images to be “intertwined” (the original series without segmentation is used, duplicating the sections where the software has detected pathologies and intertwining with the original images, alternating original and segmented image)

(4) Selection of information for which pathologies to be included:

• Herniation
• Stenosis
• Bulging
• Listhesis
• Lordosis

(5) Select which measurements to include:

• Reduced foramen size
• Reduced disc height
• Reduced vertebral height

(6) Select whether to include labels with measurements on the segmentations only of measurements included in the report

(7) Select whether the segmentations of the exported study to have a contour

(8) Select contour thickness of segmentations (in pixels): 1 to 3 px

(9) Select:
• segmentation visualization mode: all, only pathologies, only the sections with
the most prominent pathology
• mode of visualization of measurements: all, only pathologies, only the
sections with the most prominent pathology
• fill of segmentations: filled, semi-transparent, transparent