The full report from CoLumbo analysis is available from the button (11).

The full report contains the information on all pathologies arranged by levels (from L1 to L5). The column “Other findings” includes information about findings that cannot be assigned to a certain level (for example, the angle and type of lordosis). If no pathology is present, the software does not generate any information about the corresponding level. The user can save reports on a computer in .pdf format, to copy the text of the report and put it a clinic’s form, as well as direct printing.

The report template looks like this:

Patient name: [patient_name] , Age: [age]
Exam date: [date_of_exam]
MRI exam type: Lumbar Spine
Contrast: [contrast]
MRI pulse sequence: [list_of_sequence_names]

Other findings:

MRI findings:



Report date: [date_of_report]

It can be edited and adjusted to the user’s preferences.

In case the user tries to generate a report when no study is loaded or before the software has been able to analyze the open one, the following messages are displayed on the screen: