The user can edit the modifiers and measurements made by CoLumbo in the level report (16). Editing modifiers that are highlighted in light green is done by left- clicking on the appropriate modifier and selecting the correct value. All values for modifiers are taken from the so-called dictionary of terms that the user can edit or change entirely from the software settings (14). Measurements highlighted in a light purple can also be edited manually and new values can be entered again by left-clicking on the numerical value of the measurement. All detected pathologies, their modifiers and measurements must be validated by the radiologist. The responsibility for preparing the final report is entirely his/hers.

If the user adds a pathology that is not visible on the slice, or the software does not report it as present, the text related to it is coloured in gray. If a pathology for which the software failed to measure values for any of the modifiers is added, modifiers are empty and displayed with parenthesis {}.