Processing and analysis of MR images

In addition to visualization of magnetic-resonance images, the software performs image processing and analysis – segmentation of various tissues (vertebrae, discs, dural sac, herniations, nerve roots, etc.) and measurements. These segmentations are contours on given tissues that have certain colours associated with them:

They serve to guide the radiologist to the tissue, thus helping them to focus on the more important pathologies that may be present in the patient, such as herniation, compression of the dural sac and others.

Once the study is opened, the image series are loaded in the series panel (17). By default, T2 sagittal and T2 axial series are visualized when a study is loaded, if available. A series can be opened in panel (18) or (19), regardless there is already another open series, by drag-and-drop from the series panel (17) or by double-clicking with the left mouse button on the series. It will open in the currently selected panel (18 or 19).

If the software detects a pathology, the label on the disc where it is located is coloured in red (to attract attention). CoLumbo has set minimums for the measurements it makes in order to distinguish when a deviation from the norm is a real pathology. These values can be changed from the software settings.