Imapole Lyon-Villeubanne renews CoLumbo license


Imapole Lyon-Villeurbanne, a leading diagnostic imaging center in France, has renewed its CoLumbo – AI Spine Assistant software license, our innovative solution designed to assist radiologists in detecting and diagnosing spinal pathologies. The decision to renew the license was made after experiencing the software’s high performance and accuracy in workflow efficiency and time savings. 

“We are pleased to renew our software license with CoLumbo AI spine assistant,” said Samir Lounis, the CEO at Imapole Lyon-Villeurbanne. “The software has been an invaluable tool for our diagnostic imaging center, providing accurate and reliable measurements of spinal tissues and automating the detection and reporting of spinal pathologies. This has resulted in improved workflow efficiency and time savings, enabling us to provide our patients with faster and more accurate diagnoses.” 

CoLumbo AI spine assistant is developed by Smart Soft Healthcare, a startup provider of #AI-powered medical imaging solutions. The software is designed to assist radiologists in the reading and interpretation of spine #MRI scans, offering advanced image visualizations and automatic reporting, improving diagnostic accuracy and workflow efficiency. 

“We are delighted to continue our partnership with Imapôle Lyon-Villeurbanne and provide them with our innovative software,” said Nedelcho Georgiev, CEO of SmartSoft Healthcare. “Our goal is to enable radiologists to make faster and more accurate diagnoses, ultimately improving patient outcomes. We are confident that our software will continue to deliver exceptional results for Imapôle Lyon-Villeurbanne.”