Lawrence Tanenbaum M.D.,FACR

Chief Technology Officer Vice President, RadNet Inc

“For most MR Practices the most common exam that we perform is the lumbar spine and AI driven tools can be highly impactful. These exams are laborious to report and far from standardized within and across practices. CoLumbo is a powerful tool that impacts the quality and value of lumbar spine MR reporting, assisting in standardization, completeness and consistency.”

Timothy Ganey, M.D.

Chief Technical Officer, VIVEX Biologics

“CoLumbo performs segmentations various measurements of the lumbar spine MRI images in a matter of seconds It has the potential to reach reliability similar and even above the human level Our company used CoLumbo to measure lumbar disc heights Thus, we were able to save time and get valuable insights.”

Samir Lounis

CEO, Imapole Lyon Villeurbanne

“CoLumbo is a very advanced solution to the study of Lumbar Spine MRI In addition to reading lumbar spine MRIs, CoLumbo is able to combine with the iconographic analysis, the clinical elements of the patient The diagnoses of mechanical pathologies are already possible, arrive soon all that is infectious, post perative complications, etc”

Douglas Beall, M.D.

Chief of Radiology Services at Clinical Radiology of Oklahoma

“AI that can interpret a lumbar spine MRI Not only detects pathology, but it generates a radiology report as well Combined with treatment recommendations, it can be a see and treat tool”

Christopher Hancock, M.D.

Neuroscience physician at Halo Diagnostics

“Radiologists know it’s both tedious and time consuming to measure intervertebral disk and vertebral body heights reliably for comparison. Furthermore it can be difficult to mitigate inter-observer and intra-observer variability of measured heights in assessment of minute changes in height. We had been searching for an automated segmentation tool of the spine that would assist in intervertebral disk and vertebral disk height measurements. Along came CoLumbo for use in our clinical trial and we eagerly look forward to using their segmentation analysis tool for daily clinical work in the near future!”

Douglas J. Spiel, M.D.

Board Certifications in Diagnostic Radiology and Interventional Pain

“CoLumbo Smart Soft is a novel, user friendly, AI tool with numerous applications in the clinical fields of both Radiology and Spine Intervention. Computer driven notations and measurements eliminate interobserver variability and delivers a concise picture of pathology to share with patients, insurance companies, professionals and paraprofessionals. The easy readability of the software bridges the gap between diagnosis and treatment allowing practitioners of different backgrounds the ability to collaborate on the often difficult task of effectively healing the patient.CoLumbo Smart Soft is a game changer!”


Smart Soft Ltd. is pleased to announce the CE mark certification of CoLumbo



Smart Soft Ltd. is pleased to share the final results from the multi-center clinical trials for CoLumbo.



Smart Soft Ltd. announces the addition of Douglas Beall M.D. in its Medical Advisory Board working on CoLumbo project.



Smart Soft Ltd. is pleased to share the results from the interim report of multi-center clinical trials for CoLumbo.



Smart Soft Ltd. is pleased to announce that the company has scheduled the start of the clinical evaluation of its CoLumbo program.



Smart Soft Ltd. is pleased to announce the addition of Lawrence Tanenbaum M.D. FACR as a Medical Advisory Board Lead in its CoLumbo project



Smart Soft Ltd, developer of automated MRI lumbar spine assistant system, today announced that the company has received ISO 13485 certification under KIWA.



Automatic Segmentation of Lumbar Spine MRI using Ensemble of 2D Algorithms By Nedelcho Georgiev and Asen Asenov