Partnership between SmartSoft Healthcare and Imapole Lyon Villeurbanne Imaging Center


At the beginning of the new 2022 year, we are happy to announce a partnership agreement between Smart Soft Healthcare, and Imapole Lyon-Villeurbanne. Imapole is one of France’s largest and leading medical diagnostic imaging centers. Imapole will use CoLumbo in their clinical practice and enable a faster and more accurate reading and reporting of L-spine MR patient examinations.
We are happy to be working along with Samir Lounis, the CEO at Imapole, and his professional team of radiologists, bringing state of-the-art AI software to the French public.


Samir Lounis, CEO of Imapole Lyon Villeurbanne

  „CoLumbo is a very advanced solution to the study of Lumbar Spine MRI in addition to reading lumbar spine MRIs, CoLumbo is able to combine with the iconographic analysis, the clinical elements of the patient. The diagnoses of mechanical pathologies are already possible, arrive soon all that is infectious, postoperative complications, etc.“


Smart Soft Healthcare