Smart Soft Healthcare announces the addition of Suzie Bash, M.D., in its Medical Advisory Board



Smart Soft Healthcare announces the addition of Suzie Bash, M.D. to its Medical Advisory Board working on the CoLumbo project – the first and unique machine learning algorithm based on fully convolutional neural networks that are capable of reading MRI lumbar spine images.

Dr. Bash is the Medical Director of Neuroradiology at San Fernando Valley Interventional Radiology at RADNET.  Dr. Bash joined RADNET in 2005.  Prior to this she was on the faculty at UCLA as an Assistant Professor of Neuroradiology, after completing a 2 year Neuroradiology Fellowship at UCLA and Radiology Residency also at UCLA.

Dr. Bash’s passion and interests lie in Artificial Intelligence applications in advanced Neuroimaging which add patient-centric value and quality.  She is a recurring guest on TV, radio, and podcasts and is actively involved in AI clinical trials, peer-reviewed publications, and AI related educational talks and webinars.  Dr. Bash serves on the Medical Advisory Boards of several AI companies.  She also serves on the Editorial Board in the AI section for Applied Radiology and is a frequent contributing author to this journal.

“I am excited about the role CoLumbo will play in segmenting and characterizing degenerative pathology on MR lumbar spine exams .  This AI software has the potential to save radiologists time and energy by measuring key anatomic features, such as disc height loss, disc extrusions, canal stenosis, and neural foraminal narrowing, and then generating an automated modifiable report.  AI tools such as these, which promise to positively impact workflow efficiency, are the future of radiology.  It is my privilege to serve in an advisory role for a company which I believe will help change the game of radiology.”

– Suzie Bash