SSHC joins the OSIMIS AI Platform to contribute to collaborative healthcare optimization


SSHC and OSIMIS are joining forces to enhance the medical imaging analysis process for healthcare providers in the field of lumbar spine MRI scans. Lumbar spine MRI scans are the second most common MRI study after brain MRI scans, as these deliver the best result to determine if most patients suffering from back pain should either get surgical or conservative treatment.

CoLumbo AI Spine Assistant will join the OSIMIS AI Platform, enabling healthcare providers in the BeNeLux region and beyond to seamlessly integrate and flawlessly process thousands of studies through a cloud-based AI solution. Thanks to this partnership, hospitals and diagnostic imaging centers can utilize SSHC’s innovative software to detect and diagnose spinal conditions, such as disk herniation, central and foraminal stenosis, and other pathologies, with greater accuracy and efficiency. This will help radiologists improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare operational costs immensely.

“Partnering with OSIMIS is a natural and logical fit for us,” said Nikolay Todorov, Chief Commercial Officer of CoLumbo. “Their platform provides a secure, GDPR-compliant, accessible, and user-friendly environment for radiologists to access the latest AI medical imaging analysis software to help them advance their diagnostic analysis and outcomes. We are excited to bring our innovative technology to the OSIMIS AI Platform and expand our reach to more healthcare providers in our target European market.”

“At Osimis, the ultimate goal is to increase the availability of excellent diagnostics for patients, enable new digitally liberated workplaces for radiologists, and allow cost control and scaling for healthcare systems. That calls for a platform that centralizes only class-act solutions complementing one another so radiology departments gain efficiency through cross-departmental collaboration. When it comes to interpreting lumbar spine MRI scans, CoLumbo is validated as one of the best AI-assistive software options out there. The company and solution match all the Osimis parameters, and we’re more than happy to onboard them into the Osimis ecosystem.” Prof. Dr. Sergey Morozov, Chief Innovation Officer at Osimis, confirms.

About CoLumbo

CoLumbo is an AI-based software for reading and analysis of lumbar spine MR scans. CoLumbo is an assistant type of software that identifies and measures all major structures of the lumbar spine through automatic segmentation and provides a detailed description of findings in an editable draft report. The software is based on a deep learning algorithm and helps radiologists to reduce the patient examination time by 48% while also increasing the accuracy of measurements by up to 15%. An additional benefit of CoLumbo is the standardization it brings in reporting practices in the case of multiple hospital chains or medical imaging centers. The core algorithm is trained on the largest proprietary lumbar spine MRI dataset available, consisting of more than 3,500 fully annotated studies, including 60,000 more studies in the annotation pipeline. CoLumbo has successfully passed clinical trials held in 3 European hospitals with 382 patients and in 5 medical centers in the USA with 103 patients. As a result, CoLumbo has obtained a CE mark certification, an FDA 510(K) and TGA clearances, making CoLumbo the first fully approved AI solution for L-spine MR images for clinical use in the USA, Europe and Australia.

CoLumbo can also be found in Phillips Healthcare, DeepC, Blackford Analysis, Incepto Medical, CARPL, Merative and Ferrum Health platforms.

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